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Contribution Reporting

Studies show that members give more when they are kept informed with timely and accurate contribution statements.

Our services will help you stay on top of your contribution recording, and enable you to provide your members with up-to-date giving information.

Receiving Your Empty Envelopes

We will pick up your empty contribution envelopes each week. Or, if you are outside of the DC area, we will provide you with packing supplies to send them to us.

Professional Bookkeepers Help to Improve Data Accuracy and Confidentiality

Our bookkeepers will process your giving envelopes and record each member's contributions for tithes, offerings, building fund, pledges, and any other specialized giving.

The accuracy of your recording is improved because your work is performed by professional bookkeepers trained in data accuracy techniques. You can count on us for accurate and confidential contribution recording.

Once everything is recorded, we will return your contribution envelopes to the church for storage and safekeeping.

Preparation of Member Statements

We can prepare monthly, quarterly and/or annual contribution statements for your members. We can mail them for you, or send them to you for mailing and distribution.

Periodic statements allow members to see exactly what they have given to the church and in which categories.

We can also provide reports that track pledges, and the amounts given against a pledge.

Itemized Expenses By Department

This report provides the details of the expenses for each department or ministry within the church. It provides the details of each check for a particular line item, including the check number, the vendor name, the date, and the amount. This quick reference helps provides specific information as to how money is being spent.

Detailed Reports of Giving

We can also provide you with detailed reports of member giving, including reports of your top givers, pledge balances by member, reports of members that have dropped-off in their giving, and a host of other important and timely contribution and membership information.

We Are Here For You!

Maryland Office:

4053 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD 20746
Phone: (202) 728-7729
Email: info@buiaccounting.com