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Accounting System Set-Up

Accounting System Set-Up

In our many years of structuring accounting systems for churches and nonprofits, we have discovered a world of beautiful people, missions and programs. Unfortunately, we have also discovered that many organizations are suffering due to poor accounting records and procedures.

When accounting problems exist, the financial reports are uncertain, board members are unhappy, and funding is threatened. The solution is often a matter of simply getting back on track - catching up on the old records, and properly structuring the new ones. We will help you to do just that!

If you need to have prior accounting years compiled, we will go back and enter all of your checks, deposits, and accounting transactions for that year into a computerized accounting system, and prepare detailed bank reconciliations and financial reports.

Your records will be compiled in accordance with IRS, AICPA and GAAP guidelines, and will be "audit-ready". If you are required to complete an annual audit, we will interface with your auditors during the audit process to answer questions and provide any necessary technical assistance.

Giv us a call! We'll help you get your accounting system back on track!

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Maryland Office:

4053 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD 20746
Phone: (202) 728-7729
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